Sustainability Guidelines

The Preservation of Environment

Jul 13, 2022

HALEAD makes efforts to prevent and control pollution by constantly improving the environmental management system, classifies various pollutants before they are discharged, and continuously improves the completeness of pollution prevention and control facilities to reduce pollution from the source.

HALEAD controls the sewage and wastes which were generated in productive activities to ensure they can be discharged and be disposed within the scope of environmental protection standards.

HALEAD thinks highly of the management of water, we seek water-saving opportunities by monitoring the use and discharge of water resources to reduce the consumption of water.

       HALEAD takes the lifecycle management of product seriously. According to the theory of product lifecycle, we analyze and improve the impact of products on the environment, customers and other related department. For instance, we develop sustainable materials, we optimize production processes, we recycle the packages of products and those products which have reached the end of its life. Our company is devoted to provide green products which are sustainable from beginning to end.

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