A、Scope of reporting

1、Violations of the company's business ethics management code, including but not limited to: unfair competition, fraud, conflict of interest, violation of the acceptance of gifts, commercial bribery and corruption, violation of the use and protection of assets, violation of information security and confidentiality, violation of financial reporting and information disclosure, money laundering, insider trading, violation of privacy protection and retaliation;

2、Fraud behavior, including but not limited to: favoritism and malpractice, dereliction of duty, abuse of power, extortion and so on;

3、Other acts in violation of the company's system、laws and regulations.


B、Privacy protection

1、Halead Internal Audit Department is the only department of HALEAD that is authorized to receive report information and investigate report incidents ,it’s reporting directly to the audit committee to ensure independent and objective report acceptance and investigation.

2、Halead has a strict confidentiality management system. the whistleblower's information and report materials are strictly confidential.


C、Whistleblower responsibility

1、The whistleblower shall abide by the national laws and regulations , and shall not harm the legitimate rights and interests of others;

2、The report content should be true, not malicious report and false accusation against others, otherwise our company reserves the right to pursue the responsibility of the whistleblower.


D、Reporting channels

The whistleblower can report to the internal audit Department of the company in the following forms:

1、Informants' hot-line telephone:0573-87762129;

2、Email address:audit@halead.com;

3、WeChat official account:gh_8e2754982466;

4、Letters and visits address:No.18 Warp Knitting Industrial Park, Haining city, Zhejiang Province, China(Postcode:314419);

5、Other reasonable forms.

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