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Printable Textile Material
 Product description: As a new generation of environment-friendly materials, printable textile material has the characters of light weight, flexibility, convenience to fold and installationdifficulty to present crease and fracturegood compatibility vivid bright colorhigh resolution imagegood aging resistance. This product adopts latest purified base fabric and dope which makes it satisfied with special environment requirement. 
1.Maximum width can be up to 3.20M
2.Fire proof grade: B1,M1,DIN75200,NFPA701
3.This product is suited for latest health, safety and environmental requirement on digital printing media.
   A.   Non-PVC, Non- heavy metal
   B.   Formaldehyde content is lower than 5PPM
Meets the REACH standard in Europe
Physical Index of printable textile material
Product Name Butterfly Fabric Ceiling Fabric Testing Method
Model HB800 HTF004A  
Coated Material PU PU  
Maxium Width 3200 3200  
Fabric 100%PES                   100%PES                   DIN EN ISO 2286-2
Weight(±15g/m2) 125±10 235±15 DIN53352 BS3424
Tensile Strength N/5cm 350 450 DIN53354 BS3424
N/5cm 650 450 DIN53354 BS3424
Tearing Strength N/5cm 25 70 DIN53356 BS3424
N/5cm 80 100 DIN53356 BS3424
Flame retardancy DIN4102-B1 DIN4102-B1 DIN4102-B1
color fastness 6—8 DIN EN ISO 877
Printing Type UV/LATEX
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